At Richlove Travel Consult (Global Education Link), we make sure we treat you like royalty.

We are dedicated to offering study and work abroad services of the highest quality, combining our energy and keenness, with our years of experience. Our greatest gratification comes in serving large numbers of satisfied clients who have experienced the joys and inspiration of travel.
Ever since the company was established, Richlove Travel Consult (G.E.L) has concentrated its efforts in producing quality travel, responding to the needs of the times while anticipating the demands of the future.
You will discover that we are quite diverse. We use our diversity in and out of the travel industry to address various global concerns. By planning and organizing events, we address current issues such as the environment and international relations. We narrow the gap of misunderstanding between people by promoting international business and cultural exchanges and by serving as a major source of information.

Continually providing a vast array of innovative ideas and quality services, R.T.C commits itself as a leader in promoting the enrichment of mankind and the globalization of the world as we embark on the journey into this twenty first century.

We are located at the Sobolo Junction, Hudson Road Opposite Gate 16 Baba Yara Sports Stadium Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana. Call +233200 458 485, 2333220 472 10 in case you need more assistance.

After you’ve chosen the courses and universities, there comes the process of applying to the chosen universities. Process of applying for a foreign university is multi layered. There are many things like English proficiency tests, statement of purpose, letter of recommendation etc, that has to be taken care of. An overseas education advisor streamlines this whole process and ensures that adequate attention is given to each and every aspect so as to present a strong application.

The cost of studying abroad isn’t too expensive, but varies depending on the destination as well as the choice of university or tertiary institution.

Why we stand out

Admissions at institutions are a competitive exercise; requiring a lot of research and appropriate action. To ensure that your candidature stands out amongst the number of applications that any particular university receives, G..E.L offers guidance to understand the tedious process of applications and a better understanding of the expectation of the university. G.E.L services include guidelines to frame an impressive Statement of Purpose along with emphasizing strengths and highlighting the strong points in your resume to give you an edge, just to ensure that your application is nothing but perfect.

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