Why Study Abroad with Richlove Travel Consult (G.E.L)?

Applying for a school and getting a visa to study abroad is awesome. However, so many things can go wrong if the necessary care is not taken. Here are things to consider when you want to study Abroad;


There are so many schools advertising online which are not internationally recognized or even have an accreditation.


Some of these schools are in remote areas which comes with their own troubles. More light will be thrown on this at a later date.


This is the most important of them all. This is because , the agent is in the best position to give you details and the right information about the above . However , the love of money and the hunger for easy wealth creation has drawn so many unscrupulous people into this noble venture. They’ll give you false promises and wet your appetite for unavailable opportunities. These Agencies are usually loud with vigorous advertisement all over. With mouth watering deals like SCHOLARSHIPS, WORK AND RESIDENT PERMIT etc . Hungry Agencies know people are attracted to free and subsidized things, so they take advantage of that and dupe you. Promising you of scholarships in countries that offer them not or for Programmes that have no scholarship packages. Sometimes too, they’ll make you believe you’re on scholarship when in actual sense, you’re even paying more than you’re supposed to pay. You wouldn’t know this until you’ve committed yourself already and you’re probably in school already. One would think walking to the school and reporting to the authorities will solve this, but what you don’t know is, that is the agreement they have with the schools. So you either pay or drop out which will automatically lead to deportation if you don’t find help.


Talking about deportation, do you know that more than half Ghanaian students gets deported every year from various countries due to their inability to pay school fees based on false hopes given them by the agents ? Destinations include UKRAINE, SOUTH KOREA, AUSTRALIA, MALAYSIA, CHINA, CANADA AND RUSSIA.

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